10 Foods To NEVER Eat Again

People have accumulated their favorite lists of foods over the years. However, there is one thing that many people are not aware of. Their favorite foods may have ingredients that will make them think twice about continuing to eat them.


One of the hardest foods to digest, and filled with antinutrients. Can cause havoc on you immune system.


Frozen meals are a big culprit of processed foods. Often filled with chemicals and additives, these are an option you definitely want to avoid.


AKA "Fake butter", margarine is completely a man made food consisting of mostly processed fats. Has been linked to unhealthy levels of bad cholesterol and heart disease.


Genetically modified organism or GMO, is a lab engineered variant of often existing crops. These are made to maximize profits for big companies, not you health. They have been linked to disease in the immune system, organ failure, and almost always untested for further health effects. They are also one of the most damaging forms of agriculture on the environment.


Soy is probably one of the worst things you can consume. It is  filled with antineutrients and toxins. Soy can cause alot of harm to your immune system and your endocrine function. Soy can even cause pancreatic distress. Unfortunately, soy is becoming more and more popular as a protein source due to 'veganism' and is one of the main ingredients in "meat substitutes" or "plant based meats".


Besides being very difficult to digest for most people, milk and other dairy products often contains more than a dozen artificial hormones. Most store bought dairy also contains an enormous amount of preservatives.


Originally labeled as a toxic waste product, Oils became a part of the western diet about a century ago, and haven't been any good. These contain extremely dangerous additives, they are mostly derived from GMO crops. Seed oils contain compounds extremely dangerous for your heart, such as lipid peroxide.


There are 2 ways to cure meat, the traditional way which isn't too bad, and then there is the modern way and that's probably everything you see at the supermarket. Drenched in chemicals and artificial preservatives and even extra "flavour" and "texture enhancers" that are completely unnatural compounds, sometimes even containing potassium chloride(Used in lethal injection).


Sweetener is purely artificial sugar. Artificial sugars can increase risk of metabolic syndrome by 36% and disrupt blood sugar levels, even to the point of contributing to diabetes.


Salt itself is not an inherently bad thing, however most people do not realize the difference between salt, and table salt. Table salt is manufactured by immediately stripping natural salt of all its nutrients and filled with unhealthy amounts of iodine, enough to causes major thyroid problems. Ever wondered why it is so perfectly white, and yet natural salts actually come in a variety of colours? It is because table salt is a bleached product. That's right, it is soaked in bleach to keep it perfectly white.


No human should be consuming anything which has been made in a lab, nor something which can destroy their health. These modern problems are caused by our modern diets, an evolutionary mismatch. It's time to go back to a more natural way of eating, a better way of eating. Check out our book to get started eating as we all should, and get your health on track.

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